Class Pricing

The dive professionals at Diver’s Den would like to invite you to explore a new world! We can work with you on a schedule that best fits your needs.  There may be additional fees for State Park Entrance or Spring Entrance. These fees are not included in the posted pricing.

Open Water Certification $350

This course can be taught in as little as three days or over several weeks or months. You will have classroom time to learn diving basics. Confined water training is given to learn how to properly use equipment. Then an Open Water Dive is used to put all your skills to work. Class price includes e-learning fees.  Click here to register for PADI elearning portion of the class. 

Discover Scuba $95

Not sure you are ready to take the plunge? Explore diving under the watchful eyes of a dive professional. Discover Scuba includes basic skill training and one open water dive up to 40 feet. A great excursion opportunity for anyone on vacation not able to commit to a full 3 day class….Takes approximately 4 hours to complete!

Refresher Course $125

Refresh your diving skills with a few hours of classroom and skill training.

Referral $225

Started at another dive shop and need to complete your open water dives? Bring your referral form and complete the course with Diver’s Den.

Nitrox $125

This course teaches divers the benefits and limitations of diving with Nitrox blends.

Advance Open Water $325

Continue to develop your dive skills. This certification will introduce you to night diving, deep diving, underwater navigation and a few other specialties. Advance Open Water classes include one classroom session and five open water dives.

Rescue Diving $325

This course will expand your knowledge beyond the purely recreational diving. This will prepare you to prevent problems and manage emergencies. This course will consist of one classroom session, one confined water session and four open water dives.

Wreck Diving $375

This course teaches you responsible wreck diving and the proper equipment needed to safely explore. Wreck diving class consists of one classroom session and four dives. This price includes boat fees.

Navigation $200

Learn the fundamentals of navigating under water. This course consists of one classroom session and three open water dives.

Night Diving $200

Introduce yourself to the new life that comes out after the sun goes down. This course consists of one classroom session and three open water dives.

Deep Diving $375

Learn how to deep dive and the special equipment needed. This course consists of one classroom sessions and four dives. This price included boat fees.

Divemaster $495 + Books

Take your diving to the next level and become a professional PADI Divemaster. Please call the store for details.